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Ohai was founded in 2018 in Vancouver, BC and built by an all-women freelance team. We are a cannabis lifestyle brand featuring a curated collection of Elevated Essentials—cannabis tools and goods for the style conscious and aesthetically aware. Our products are created with an artful intention and purpose for you and me, the modern day renaissance spirit.

The idea was conceived at first spark when I discovered the self-therapeutic benefits of cannabis. During this time I was a high-strung and sleep deprived walking panic attack working at a fast paced ad agency. It was my dream job until I was laid off and the anxiety really hit. My boyfriend at the time suggested I take a few tokes and enjoy the mini sabbatical. I had consumed before, but never on my own and that day changed the course of my life.

It wasn't long before I wanted my own tools for my own stash kit. I started shopping around, but I couldn't find the aesthetics I had in mind. I was looking for designs and products that matched my lifestyle choices; items that would represent the beauty of self-care and my connection with the plant. Instead, my exploration oftentimes felt intimidating and overwhelming and the overall experience didn’t feel like “me.” I was frustrated looking for the tools that were supposed to ease my frustrations and I knew I had to change that narrative.

Fast forward 12 years later, I found myself living in a time and place where cannabis was becoming increasingly normalized, de-stigmatized, and legalized. The time to help shift that narrative arrived, and thus Ohai was born.

My wish for Ohai is to shine light on a world of new and unlimited possibilities so we can embrace the higher things in life. I hope you enjoy it, from my heart to yours.


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