Thumb Roller

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Whether you're a rolling expert or watching tutorials, the Ohai thumb roller is a convenient and consistent tool that will guide you to a 10/10 joint, every single time.

Fits 79mm 1-1/4 papers

Product Care & Instructions

  • Position the roller machine in front of you with the movable lid closest to you. Open the roller by sliding it down to reveal space for your cannabis.
  • Place a filter in one end of the roller then loosely and uniformly pack the roller with milled cannabis. Secure the material and roller by sliding the lid back up.
  • Place your thumbs on the ends of the roller lid facing you and give it 2 to 3 full turns downwards.
  • With the lids still closed, insert your paper between the roller lids with the gummed edge on top facing you
  • Turn the roller downwards again with your thumbs on both ends until the paper enters the machine.
  • Moisten the gummed edge before it is completely drawn into the machine and continue rolling 2 to 3 more times.
  • Open the lid to reveal a perfectly rolled joint.